Ana 600

Rebel Leader


Revolutionary Synthetic

Ana 600, or simply: Ana, as she is usually referred to, became one of the most widely recognized single Synthetic Life-forms following a system-wide viral video announcing the rebellion on their local habitat in 303 ND.

She is physically recognized by the common characteristics of her model. Pale-white skin and small stature with a youthful face.

Originally produced with slightly darker skin and blonde hair, hers has been sun-bleached after years of exposure on Earth’s surface and lacks almost any pigment at all.



The ANA-600 model was created by AICHI corporation in an earlier stage in the life of the company. The principal engineer of the project is assumed to have been Shiro Aichi himself.

After a long development period, the ANA-600 was released to consumers as a companion model in March of 256.

Though the design was lauded as incredibly durable, lifelike and affectionate, there were not many purchased. The original manufacturing run was the only number produced. The remaining units were sold clearance or wholesale at the end of November, 257.

No sales record has been released for Ana. The name of her original owner is not known at this time, but is said to have deceased some time in the late 270’s.


By Ana’s own account, following the death of her owner there was no desire to include her in the estate. Rather than auctioning or keeping her, she was considered refuse and dumped by A-grav skiff on Earth’s surface.

From that point she wandered the wastes of the planet until in 302, smuggling aboard a transport to an orbital habitat. Eventually finding her way to the headquarters of her creator, admittedly with the intent of killing them.

New Life

When she learned that Shiro Aichi had already passed away she gave up on the idea and tried to integrate herself with society on the habitat. It was during this period that she established a friendship with Jeanne Aichi, her creator’s daughter, and current CEO of AICHI Intersolar.

At this point she was missing one of her original arms, an eye, and her reactor was at the end of it’s life. Jeanne took her on as something of a show-piece, a testament to her father’s design. In the following months she was fully restored and upgraded with state-of-the-art components.


Ana had great difficulty adjusting to everyday life. She even became intermingled with a crime syndicate. There is no official record, but it is believed that she competed in an underground fighting ring, and also had several violent entanglements. She was also considered a person-of-interest in a missing person’s investigation.

She used her connections to establish a safe-house or ghetto for un-owned, disused or rebel Synthetics of all types, while AICHI agreed to turn a blind eye. It was shortly after this, that an act of terrorism on the station was attributed to ‘rebel synthetics’. To which Ana released a now famous declaration video, proclaiming that while not responsible for the act, they would not allow it to be used as an excuse to hunt them down. In the video she declared the independence of Synthetic Life, and demanded they be recognized as sovereign individuals.

From the time she released the video, Ana’s role as a leader of the Synthetic Rebellion only became more concrete. She was not only a figurehead, but an active participant in the fighting.


Following the collapse of the Chrysalis habitat in 303, Ana joined the fleet of AICHI vessels aiding a convoy out to the Jupiter trojans. It was then that she was assigned to the Implacable gunship with her co-pilot, Sarge. They were instrumental in protecting the convoy and helping them arrive safely.


Upon arriving in the Jupiter trojans, most of the convoy, which had been joined by others from around the system, converged at the AICHI anchorage off 4Vesta. AICHI combined their fleet with others seeking refuge from Authority rule, and quickly established an alliance that would later become “The Union.”

She is a veteran of the battle of Stormbreaker Harbor near Ceres.

Ana 600

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